So a few weeks ago someone msged me on aim. This happens a lot. Since i am physically addicted to aim.

He asks me a few questions about my latest posts, mostly which are about suicide and car problems. He signs off. (don’t know it’s a he, could have been a she)

Last night in my unisom and vodka time of the evening, i msg him/her and ask “sup”. We talk briefly and he/she mentions that she knows of a company that is hiring a webdesigner. I forward him/her my resume and pass out reading Jurassic Park.

I wake up today feeling like death, shower and ride to work with my boss.

Around 9am i get a phonecall from a number i don’t recognize. They leave a voicemail. It’s the company he forwarded my resume to, they want to meet me asap. They mention that Jason gave them my resume. Okay, it’s a he.

I’m meeting them next week. If this job goes thru, which it might, this will be the 4th web job i’ve gotten thru aim.

I’m writing this only to post to the IT manager at my current contract who said “messenger programs are useless.”

thank you jason

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