seriously true story

last night i was driving to a bar(whoa another surprise update). I was going down McLean heading towards vance. Right after we go past Union, it goes down to 1 lane as McLean goes into the residential area.

Now right when it comes to 1 lane, me and the 9 other cars in front and behind me start to wonder why we are going 5 miles an hour in a 30. Now I’m kind of in a hurry to get drinking. After we pass another street this asshole with a flat tire could have turned on, i get upset.

Now it might have been the NIN or something but I feel it makes me feel better to vent my frustrations by screaming and punching the steering wheel.

It’s better then smoking.

Anyway, I get to Vance and my phone rings. It’s good ole Merritt.

Hey Merritt, whats up?

Was that you?

Was that me where?

On McLean.

Yeah what the fuck was up with that?

Apparently Merritt and her mom were sitting in the front room of their house when they heard the fwapping sound of the flat tire. She got up and looked out the window and see’s a white del sol. Then she hears me screaming FUCKING DRIVE YOUR PIECE OF SHIT!! Merritt’s mom recognized my screaming and asked Merritt if it was me.

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