even tho it didn’t happen like you said

the whole dying on the cross. that was hardcore. i’m sure it didn’t go exactly down like they said but even if a little of it is true, pretty hardcore.

our friend ripper said he was hardcore, and well, you’re hardcore too, jesus.

wow i think ive gotten off to a good start to this update.

okay lets break it down.

jesus fucking hates you. the new pope wants to molest you. i probably do too. this isn’t going to turn out okay. we have a pope that used to be in the nazi youth. yeah, he said he wasn’t “with it” but he still knows how it “works” and might “use” it in his “religion”.

blah, maybe people in africa shouldn’t use condoms and the nazi pope is what “we” need. Screw it, stupid church, open up your vaults and tell me where jesus’s kids are and we can talk about who is going to run our church, k?

lovingly yours

scout fucking master toad
church of crackhore

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