morning burns

it’s not a good burn either.

it’s noon. i hate noon. i hate everything before 4pm. what the fuck was i thinking when i agreed to meet at noon. i had to have been drunk, only excuse for a fuck up like this.

im going to make a little pamphlet to hand to clients on “mornings”. it’s gonna have huge bold verdana text at the top and say WHY IS MY WEB DESIGNER SHAKING AND CAN’T TALK? Like just a few paragraphs on alcohol, make some stock photography of jug wine and me laying face down on my keyboard.

i feel so not happy. im so glad no one died on the way here. i need to make this meeting as fast as possible and get home to the dark happiness im used to at fucking 12 o clock.

i can’t even explain it. i just hate your time of the day so much that im just sitting at Otherlands, shaking my head and typing. just so fucking not happy. I swear of this chick doesn’t show up for the meeting, i might kill her. no, no i would never kill anyone. i might be upset tho. actually i can defientely gurantee upset if she doesn’t show up.

there is a cop here. i saw his car out front so i knew he was going to be here. he looks like he’s meeting with his mom.

none of the cops that follow me wear uniforms.

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