killer idea

okay, we got to get serious.

ive been reading the news lately and i think i have got a idea on how to solve something and i wanna throw this out and see what you think.

michael jackson is unstoppable.

he has money, fame, everything.

we obviously can’t stop him with our legal system and guns and explosives would be useless too. we need to find a piece of the planet where michael jackson is from, that will work as a poison maybe but we don’t even know if that exists.

so how about this.

like a pedophile god of the old testament, we need to appease him. that’s what gods, aliens, and everyone really want. recognition for their power.

lets just make a deal, like people do everyday with everything. shit, i’m not talking about human sacrifice here. lets just give him, say 12 boys a year, nice round number like that, and say “these are your boys, please do not molest anymore” kind of sacrifice.

shit, there are billions of abortions a day. just let 12 slip thru, the mother paid x amount, let them get molested by him, live in neverland, etc. they will live better then most cities in the mid west.

problem solved.

the invoice is in the mail.

i’m going to finish this tall boy and solve the aruba thing next.

naw i bet that chick is hiding, just like the utah scout. she’s afraid of getting kidnapped because her family/cnn told them someone is going to kidnap her. i’m so sick of these people hiding, in the belly of sharks and the woods of utah, scared of everyone because of fucking non stop ELEVATED TERROR ALERT parents scaring kids in aruba and utah away from the very people trying to rescue them.

can i get a amen?

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