timewarner cum tastes like peanuts

i call timewarner last week to get internet and cable hooked up at my new apartment in memphis.

“oh i’m sorry, since the people who lived there before havn’t returned their equipment yet, you have to take a receipt from MLGW and your lease to one of our offices to prove you live there”.

I drive downtown Friday to go to MLGW. We stand in line for 45 min to finally get a little slip of paper that says i live somewhere. Then i drive to Timewarner’s office.

The parking lot is overflowing with cars. People are parking on the street. The line snakes around the office, full of pissed off Memphians, slaves to the great Ted Turner empire.

We stand in line for about 45 minutes before we finally get 1 of the 2 people working there. We stand at the counter for another 45 minutes while the lady tries to figure out how to turn service on when someone else already has service there. We can feel the hatred of everyone behind us because now that there is only 1 person helping everyone else, slowing the process even more.

Almost 2 hours of my life i can never get back later, we leave with a modem and cable box. Cable box works on both jacks, modem doesn’t.

Timewarner’s call center closes at 6pm, roughly the time i get home and discover that i am fucked. They open Tuesday. Now i have a tech coming on Friday to probably charge me $30 to turn my cable on.

I fucking hate you timewarner. You just constantly make your service more and more of a hassle, forever just testing the limits. The punch line is that timewarner owns memphis, no other competition or choice for broadband except bellsouth. Bellsouth isn’t a great option either.

I treat my customers like crap but no where near the level timewarner does. It kills the darwin aspect of business, leaving us wrapped in red tape and no internet access.


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