merchant services really care wtf

Callers Name:
Maryan /Account Merchant Solutions
Callers Phone Number:
Who are you calling for?

calling to wish you happy birthday –
call if you need anything

WTF hahahhaha i got this message from my answering service. i wish i had talked to “maryan” cuz it’s my birthday and ive been drinkin whiskey. wish i had answered, could have asked little maryan what she’s wearing…..i just can’t get over that these people just call people on their birthdays in a veil of sales? wtf


i haven’t been updating much lately because of the move, work, etc….lets see

i’ve officially made my move to gentilly to be closer to work. i now wake up, pack clothes in my bag and ride my bike to work. i get there, shower and head to my desk for desk.
after work i go back down, change and head to the gym, then head home. i drink my protein powder mixed with the lovely flavor of new orleans tap water, then a beer. i finish my 1st beer, work on the mountain of laundry, drink another beer and and eat dinner. i sit on my couch and watch on my big stupid tv.

then the whiskey starts.

i then stumble to my new bed and slip peacefully into my nightly coma.

life is good.

work is going well on both fronts, my apartment is comfortable and ive been seeing a lovely young lady.  she is okay with my vices and i’m okay with her world of warcraft habit. she treats me very well, i don’t know how long it will last, never can tell. i just hope it doesn’t end with a stabbing.

text me saturday

if you have my phone number, call me saturday

im turning 27 and im terrified of dying. please call me if you have my number.  i need motivation to update again and i need your help. wait don’t call, text message.  yah…

i must update soon about what’s going on and where i am…..i suck at crackhore.

rain rain rain rainrarinarinasdlkfjalskdfj

it’s been raining a lot lately. like everyday…..i just went to let marla out to pee…she looks at the rain and just doesn’t seem to thrilled to go outside…..she finally goes down the steps…halfway through she comes back up, like “no fuck this, i’ll hold it”.

i tell her to go on and she goes all the way down the steps. the sky lights up and she turns around and walks right back up the steps, shakes and comes inside.

it got me thinking, how long could you leave me locked in apartment before i just couldn’t take it….not as long as marla….

i am no longer mentioning women on my site anymore. there is a handful of wonderful women in my life right now and i know they probably occasionally read my ramblings. i don’t know what to do about any of you.  there’s no running away from anything anymore. i’m seriously not writing any of this about one you….talking about you as a whole…..i’m going to quit this update before the power goes out


finally moving….goodbye old apartment, bye bad memories…time to start anew….for the hundredth time. i wonder how many leases ive signed in my life…

things are going to be much different then the are now. i can still feign a social life while in midcity but once i get to gentilly it’s a whole new ballgame. actually there is no game at all….it was rained out a few years ago with the hurricane. no bars, no resturants….i cooked for myself tonight one last time before i moved and i remember why i hate it….

oh well….probably making the right move…the more people i’m around the more trouble life seems…

date followup

hmm it’s sunday night and i know tomorrow i’m going to get hit by questions by co-workers about my weekend activities. i’m just not going to comment on any of it….everything went well or poorly, depending on your perspective in this space we call ‘right now’.

i feel sorry for every female who has ever met me. this is officially your apology.

you can’t say i never said it.

adventures in online dating

i’m going out with a girl tomorrow night, that’s all im going to say. met her on online…

check out the site in the next few days for a update. it might be completely lies but no one cares at this point….


i decided again today that i build websites like people smoke. I just do it and not even notice. Everyone who runs into me outside of my computer room is going to get a website and give me something in return.

tori’s posse

a few years ago, if i’m still alive, i’ll hear albums off this song and think of this time of my life….

ive been wearing this fucking album out like a *insert explicit sexual reference*

it’s so awesome, like it took a while to grow on me but this is great…i’m in the phase where i just click on random songs throughout the album depending on my fragile mood.

if you don’t like tori don’t go near this album. if you feel her then try it out for a few days.

on a really gay note…i was working out at the gym today listening to madonna.

yeah, i need to start swallowing my toothbrush a little more in the morning to prepare myself for the avalanche of cock that is my future.

avalanche of cock better not be on my tombstone.