do you have a problem photoshopping with naked women?

i got a phone call today on the office line, sunday evening….the guy asks a little about me and my business  and then asks me if i have a problem with doing photoshop work with naked women involved.

now i’ve always been a white hat all my life, never designed/developed a porn site. i don’t know why, just never got into that arena.

now when he asked i had already had a few drinks and said “naw i don’t have a problem having naked women around me when i’m working in photoshop”.

he laughs and explains that he gets a lot of people who won’t work on it for moral reasons. i almost say “oh naw it’s cool, i don’t have any morals or ethics except leet web sites” but i hesitated….

anyway, i’m meeting him tomorrow to discuss this photoshop work i’m going to do. i couldn’t decide if i should write about this on crackhore’s blog or my company’s blog and i think i’ve made the right choice.

healthy lifestyles

i’ve crossed over into a whole new area of gray as far as my personal life goes…i would need to hire someone to write this site on a 24 hour basis to keep up with wtf has been going on. today a conversation really made me feel better about it, or at least to stop caring about it. you can go over what you’re doing as “right or wrong” but at the end of the day you’re doing it and you obviously have no control over it. just going to do whatever you’re gonna do and justify it on the fly.

ive learned a lot about relationships in the last year…i know what i want, what i can tolerate and what i avoid like the plague…i feel like i matured as a person to know my own immaturity

i hope they cannot see

my limitless potential.

i got accepted into something lately…a group of people that do things…anyway, they have a stage where they come to your business, which i don’t really have since everyone who works with me works from wherever they can get internet access…me and jackie were gonna go out to his office but he didn’t respond to our calls that morning and i wasn’t gonna get in the car without knowing the guy is there…

anyway, i didn’t go to the interview, left a few voicemails with his assistant and stayed in the camo and hawaiian. he calls and says “hey i need to present your interview for the committee tomorrow, can i do this over the phone”.

i walk over and pick up my sword and say “yeah that’d be great, shoot”. a 45 minute conversation about every aspect of my business, which is plenty of time for me to say stuff like “college, lol naw, college is a waste of time, why pay them when i can bill customers” and “yeah i barely graduated highschool, only reason i got through summer school was the computer based testing was in flash, which i happen to, kinda know”. he said he would leave that out.

anyway, he called me today after the board met and they accepted me. well not me, but this other me…i just can’t get over it….i’m sitting in my chair, having this conversation with him, he knows i’m sitting there in god knows what, and people just don’t give a fuck…

what kind of world is this turning into 🙂

they see me browsing, they hating

i’m at a bar i frequent right now. i’m sitting here with a guy i’m building a site for, having a beer.  i’m clicking through hotornot and some stranger behind me says “you’re looking at hotornot?”


and i have. and i will.