hmm well in philadelphia now…talking on jeff’s…intresting laptop….with a rainbow flag and sticker on it….fucking rules hehe

the plane ride was really intresting, taking 3 different planes to get here….fucking…..the stewardesses were laughing at me cuz i would get off the plane and then get back on for another 20 minute flight….blah

gonna save the rest for the “philadelphia update” when i get back…hehe

ballet and industrial music?

Just like last year, and the year before, i went to the nutcracker to watch my sister dance. I hate ballet so much, theres just something about it. I like the music but i just don’t see why i need to watch people dance around. That’s what those people do. That’s their “thing”, so i guess i can’t talk….but gawd, i talk about my job being useless haha…

Afterwards i came home, changed and went to the People’s Temple. This was really intresting, watching Brandon mix mp3s on his computer before the band goes on. Was really cool, very intresting contrast…

Yay, it works!

Yay 2 days later, several frustrated hours, we’re back to umm where we were….i kinda reorganized some stuff, not that anyone really cares. My traffic has steadly decreased, along with my content and ideas.


I still have some visitors, which make me blush and wonder why anyone would keep reading this. Like i was looking through my pic’s today and i was hard pressed to find a picture of me sober with my mouth closed. I mean i guess a website doesn’t have to have a “meaning” it should have a purpose? Blah..

Hmm, it’s been 5 days since i had a drop of alcohol.

By mentioning it on the site, i’m sure to drink tonight but even the idea sounds kinda disgusting most of the time. One hangover too many, i’m putting my gloves down for a while.

I get a lot of weird looks when i’m like “naw i’m not drinking for a while” since most of the people i know havn’t seen me without a beer. I think the real reason is greed. No more fucking bar tabs for a while, toad. Seriously, when you have a tolerance and enough friends who call at 2am to ask you to come drink, it gets expensive.


I love sleep. I’m pretty sure my addiction to sleep started in highschool, the way the pillow felt right after you hit the snooze bar for another “hit” of sleep. But this doesn’t seem to cache out tho. I can hit snooze again and again until it’s 4pm. The bed gets harder and harder to get out of every morning with each Corona that is owned. Then, suddenly, it’s 3pm, you have 15 voicemails on your cellphone, most of them wondering if you’re dead, the inbox has even more shit i need to do…my life now demands me to be awake, not sober, just awake by 9am. Sigh.

Blah, this is getting longer then it intended…

oXMEPHXo: everyone says that, Coke is like windows, everyone hates but its still the top seller on the market

broken :(

ya know, it’s funny, i get high off all the code that runs on my server, the tight ass table’s that marvel most men. I update my site from a laptop in a car, from in bed, drunk on the whole idea that after i die there will be…well lots of drunk pictures of me…

But i degress….

I guess pride struck me from my horse because is now a huge tangled mess. Like orange and yellow cables, all wrapped up around each other.

I’m not sure how to fix it…

I’ll probably get it working….someday…don’t really have anything to do this weekend anyway…god, i have the website equalivant of Jerusalem. It gets torn down in the height of it’s glory and then gets rebuilt again only to fall yet again. So many wasted hours, cutting, pasting, cursing, pasting, stabbing, only to have it all fall down again.

How many times has it been toad typing in notepad when the site is fucked up cuz i was probably drunk and tried to fix something. Time to wash down 2 more Walgreens brand sleep pills and fall asleep.


A few days ago i logged into and i could only edit certain parts of the site. great, something broke. Then i can’t login at all.

I ask it to email me my password. It smiles and says “we don’t have your email address in the database”. My website was telling me it’s never heard of me before.

I figure, okay, time to upgrade the program i use to edit it. It can’t get anymore fucking broken. I couldn’t post to the site, so i might as well climb under it and start pulling on wires until it works.

After upgrading, i still can’t login, and now the picture on the front of the page is broke. Guess it could get “more not working”.

I finally get the admin username, which somehow changed, by doing all kinds of fun stuff with telnet, mysql and phpmyadmin. I can login. Barely anything works and i think there are 2 different versions of the administration directory…

Best part is the permission denied errors on one of the admin directories….theres something really fucked up about not being able to delete something on your own site….i hate computers