too interconnected

was sitting over at alex’s enjoying a evan and coke sitting on his floor when i notice he has a motororala charger. I pull my phone out and plug it, not missing a beat in the conversation.

Alex exclaims thats the world is far too interconnected when i can just reach down and plug mah shit in.

dont play

Ballad of a Well Known Gun Lyrics by Elton John

I pulled out my Stage Coach Times
And I read the latest news
I tapped my feet in dumb surprise
And of course I saw they knew
The Pinkertons pulled out my bags
And asked me for my name
I stuttered out my answer
And hung my head in shame

Now they’ve found me
At last they’ve found me
It’s hard to run
From a starving family
Now they’ve found me
Well I won’t run
I’m tired of hearing
There goes a well-known gun

Now I’ve seen this chain gang
Lord I say let me see my priest
I couldn’t have faced your desert sand
Old burning brown backed beast
The poor house they hit me for my kin
And claimed my crumbling walls
Now I know how Reno felt
When he ran from the law

Now they’ve found me
At last they’ve found me
It’s hard to run
From a starving family
Now they’ve found me
Well I won’t run
I’m tired of hearing
There goes a well-known gun

Now they’ve found me
Lord I say at last they’ve found me
It’s hard to run
From a starving family
Lord I say now they’ve found me
Well I won’t run
I’m tired of hearing
There goes a well-known gun

Lord I say now they’ve found me
At last they’ve found me
It’s hard to run
From a starving family
Now they’ve found me
I won’t run
I’m tired of hearing
There goes a well-known gun

like you give a fuck

this site is missing it’s memorial day pics…which will be up tommorow or this weekend…this site is missing, well, you name it……

you gotta fucking understand…shit is broke on this website…it sucks…theres content missing…theres pics missing…life sucks, my site sucks, our goverment sucks….no one gives a fuck, i sure don’t….

oh well, the comments section will be fixed whenever it gets fixed….cuz i don’t care, got it?

today i woke up around 2pm, ate a orange, walked to the part, sat under a tree by the lake and eat 2 apples, a piece of string cheese and a can of Busch….fell asleep, woke up a hour later…walked home….

god loves us all

walking home i had a client call and tell me that she was intrested in paying me for me 11 hours of work.

mad pot.

mad ho’s

toad = not playing

The Dell Online Store: Your Cart

scoutMASTERtoad: man i hate when i get really excited about work and shit
MahBizNizzle: man, that’s a good thing
scoutMASTERtoad: cuz i feel like any second im going to die and my web server will get here
scoutMASTERtoad: and i’ll be dead and can’t get it making money
MahBizNizzle: yeah, I thought for sure I was gonna die before I graduated
scoutMASTERtoad: like all the work i’ve spent compling all this shit, designing the little cds im going to start handing out promoting the hosting and shit
scoutMASTERtoad: bam
scoutMASTERtoad: dead
scoutMASTERtoad: crossing the street
scoutMASTERtoad: was stoned, didn’t see the bestbuy truck
MahBizNizzle: meteor hits you in the head
scoutMASTERtoad: yeah
scoutMASTERtoad: or random gang drive by
scoutMASTERtoad: “we hit the wrong house, fuck”
scoutMASTERtoad: bleeding in computer chair
MahBizNizzle: “yo shit you killed a white boy
scoutMASTERtoad: tori still playing when ian comes in to find my bullet riddled body
scoutMASTERtoad: lol
scoutMASTERtoad: “he was that cool white dude who blazed mad dro too”
scoutMASTERtoad: “that nigga didn’t play”
MahBizNizzle: *pours out last sip of malt liquor”

ain’t nothin to fuck wit

gawd, been so busy lately….so much to do, so few hours of the day….i realize that im a typical american…i work until i can’t stand it anymore, then i drink and wake up and do it again.

except my work involves lots of drugs, long walks in the park thinking about flash intros and sleeping till noon…okay maybe not that typical

Jay And Lesley's Wedding

I sat in church, hands trembling from alcohol withdrawls and anger since i could almost feel that crucifix looking at me. The wedding ends, we all talk outside then roll to the reception.

That's when it starts to get “intresting”.

We get there, theres a keg with a bunch of flowers on top, which tickled me pink. Also a open bar, which i pillaged of all it's merlot. Brandon and i leave for the liquor store, then we head to the house party after the reception.

All the way out in Cordova, we roll up into Nicole's house. I fucking love Nicole, she always throws these huge parties and i always end up breaking something.

The keg from the reception somehow gets there, everyone is drunk out of their mind…people are drinking southern comfort out of the bottle…and in that one picture where John Clutter is stumbling towards me with the bottle, then in the next pic you can almost see him sitting on my lap forcing me to drink….

I black out on the pool table for a few minutes and we somehow make the drive home…

Memorial Day 2003

This was a really intresting memorial day party. I even remember saying at one point, “we really have a intresting group of people under one roof”. Wes's fridge was full of beer by the time Alex and i got there, so i had to put my 2 corona's on his kitchen counter. Those soon disappeared and by the end of the night, all that was left was a room temperature can of Miller Light.

It's in my fridge now tho 🙂

Nothing really crazy happened….no dog attacks, no police called….i watched freaky steve flirt with a girl named Isabella from Equador(sp). I saw him sit down next to her and instantly decided to leave. When i got the patio i told brad it was like a life boat had flipped over and a bunch of sharks were circling.

Fast forward to 5:30am, Andy George, Wes and i think Brad was still there, are all drunk as shit watching The Outer Limits and i'm curled up on Wes's couch eating beef jerky.


no, i didn’t sleep with anyone!

i’m in line this morning at petco, hair all messed up in the back since i just woke up in a strange bed, and on the way home i remembered i needed marla food.

i grab a huge bag of food, shove a dog toy in my pocket and stand in line. While im checking out, my phone rings. Oh hey shane, whats up, oh im just buying dog food….baseball game? Naw, i just woke up, still really hungover, not ready to do anything yet.

Shane asks what i did last night, i told him it was helen’s birthday party and i slept over there cuz i was too drunk. He then asks “what, you slept with helen?” and i exclaim “no! i didnt sleep with anyone”.

At this point the entire line is staring at me. I grab my huge bag of dog food and stumble out.