the eve of the weekend

it’s sunday again, my body withered and broken from the weekend of drinking to make up for the week of shit.

now i sit in front of my computers, trying to figure out how i can both go out and drink yet stay home and work.

drinking shouldn’t even be a thought after this weekend and the cough i have won’t seem to go away(smoking probably isn’t helping this either)

ive been listening to Flowers On The Wall by the Statler Brothers on repeat for about 45 minutes now and the urge to hurt myself and others has now taken effect.

gonna go shower and see a movie instead

happy sunday everyone!


GOD what a fucking long fucking god fucking week.

i feel so much better now that im drunk


i turn the cell phone off, to sleep that sleep that only people without cell phones sleep..

im afraid we’re going to invade more countries.

im watching a fly walk across the monitor. drunk enough to think it’s artistic.

thats all the update you’re getting, let me sleep for a few minutes and try it again.

wink wink wink

Last night i got as stoned as possible and spent $60 at the grocery store. Now as any story, it has more then just that behind it.

I smoked hore knows how many bowls before i got in the car, drove to Kroger and stumbled around the bright lit store picking up whatever looked good. My mp3 player blared NWA’s Greatest Hits, a good pic for grocery shopping on Highland and Poplar, receiving stares from all my fellow 1am grocery shoppers.

Picture it if you will, a obviously drugged out of his mind vagrant, aimlessly wandering, staring at bagels and other bright labeled foods for way too long, then tries to pay for it with a handful of greasy cash.

I get out to my car, realize that i probably need my car keys to get home. Shuffling back to the register, grabbing my keys off the counter, walking back outside and driving home.

Not normal.


i often wonder what marla thinks of my computers. She sees me every morning stumble out of bed to these mysterious 3 glowing boxes that seem to provide endless amounts of humor and pain. She’s seen me pounding fists on the keyboard because i was laughing or because a website had gone down.

She just chills next to my chair faithfully.

tweaker boyfriends lynching swede

bjOrnfuegO: oh god lol
bjOrnfuegO: in mississippi
scoutMASTERtoad: uh oh
bjOrnfuegO: like cant remember exactly where
scoutMASTERtoad: don’t like the beginning of this story
bjOrnfuegO: i run out of cigarettes
bjOrnfuegO: no ID
bjOrnfuegO: so i go to like 8 places
scoutMASTERtoad: blowjob?
bjOrnfuegO: lol
bjOrnfuegO: no
bjOrnfuegO: looking for a vending machine
bjOrnfuegO: i guess MS outlawed them
scoutMASTERtoad: haha
bjOrnfuegO: so i had to get this girl with braces and daisy dukes to buy me cigs for $10 lol
scoutMASTERtoad: TOFhahahlahksdfhaha
bjOrnfuegO: she asked me what i was doing later 🙁
scoutMASTERtoad: hahalshdfklhaogm
bjOrnfuegO: a car full of them
scoutMASTERtoad: “eating your pussy later”
bjOrnfuegO: 3 of them
bjOrnfuegO: no
scoutMASTERtoad: hahahaha
scoutMASTERtoad: god thats so lol
bjOrnfuegO: they looked like ppl out of the val kilmer movie
scoutMASTERtoad: whoa
scoutMASTERtoad: hahaha
bjOrnfuegO: yeah they were buying mass quantities of OJ
scoutMASTERtoad: ROFL
scoutMASTERtoad: wow
scoutMASTERtoad: thats so lol
bjOrnfuegO: like a fucking case of the shit
bjOrnfuegO: i was so just like WTF?!?!?!?!?
scoutMASTERtoad: thats so awesome
bjOrnfuegO: i was waiting for a big mud truck to arrive full of the their tweeker b/f’s to show up and lynch me
scoutMASTERtoad: lol lol
scoutMASTERtoad: tweaker b/f’s and their trucks

ain’t nothin to fuck wit

Real Título expedido y firmado por Felipe II nombrando a Don Diego de Orellana de Chaves Corregidor de las Cuatro Villas, de Laredo, Santander, San Vicente de la Barquera y Castro Urdiales.
Martinmunoz a 15 de junio 1592.

And what is the compensation offered by the Austro-Hungarian authorities to the Serbian population as indemnification for the sufferings endured? Have they at least, after requisitioning everything, left it the minimum necessities to life? Not at all! All has been organised and calculated in such a way as to condemn the population to die of starvation. The district chiefs possess unlimited powers as regards food distribution. In this matter they are dependent upon no one, not even their own Government. The result is that the indispensable interchange of foodstuffs between the different parts of Serbia is rendered impossible. All surplus produce from one part of the country, which could and should be used to meet the needs of another part, is immediately exported to Austria-Hungary. Moreover, an artificial famine has thus been created, which is then exploited by the agents of the Government and their friends, who indulge in the most shameless speculation. In this way certain Austro-Magyar officers and civilians grow richer day by day, while hundreds of thousands of Serbian women, children and old men, are deprived of the primary necessities of life and threatened with the most appalling famine.