Basketball on Mt Moriah and Neils :(

We're all just chilling and we decide to get more drinks. As we're getting into respective vehicles, Brookes says “toad i like you, i wanna be more like you”. I got in the car, thought for a second, looked down at my red and black soccer jersey i was wearing and said “That was definetely the quote of the day”.

We end up at Neils, and since i wasn't driving, i procede to eat as much whiskey as possible and take pictures of everyone, whether they like it or not. I'm pretty sure we left Neils and came home but that's where the pics end so..

need to stop eating halcions before sunset

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hasldfhalkshdfha wesley willis is playing at the hitone in 20 mins…really wish i had $10 to go…..oh well…rent before wesley….

Today i tried to steal a fire hydrant. If you live in memphis and know a bunch of people that are really strong, it’s down cooper, kinda near peabody, next to the bridge. Those things are fucking heavy….i tried rolling it to the car but with no luck. A guy walking stares across the street as i laugh and try to drag it to the trunk. I finally give up, get in my car defeated and drive home….probably gave up at the exact right time too cuz a squad car rolled by as soon as i closed the trunk….apparently it’s a felony…

apartments and houses: for the weak

i realized one day that i don’t need a place to live. The money i waste on apartments, fixing my 2 desktop computers, internet bills, everything, is a huge waste of money. The fact that i have desktop computers kinda makes me feel lame. The big monitor is nice, i have to admit, and if i ever did the homeless thing again, i would find some place i could stash a monitor, just to design on, maybe even a keyboard and mouse. I think i know enough friends, business partners, etc, that would lend me 5 feet of their apartment, only for work related design/code work, of course.

See, the, your “day to day” internet access would come from people stupid enough not to secure their networks. That way i could get my fix, 1-2 times a day, just off of random people throughout memphis.

It kinda makes me sad, i feel kinda weak that i “need” a place to live. Sure, it would get tight with Marla and me stuffed in the Civic would be awkward at first.

I mean, you spend $100 on a leet sleeping bag and $300-400 on a ultra sleep tent that setups/breaks down fast, you don’t need a apartment. How much of your time is worth a day to put something above your head.

Now you gotta break it down to math. You only need 8 hours of sleep. People have fought wars, coded websites, done just about anything you can imagine on 8 hours of sleep. Is that 8 hours a day worth all that money a month? You can wake up somewhere, fold your tent up, or just fold your sleeping bag up, depending how lazy you are, drive to the nearest acccess point, check email, upload some work maybe, then you’re left with your cell phone and sales work.

Now your probably thinking, shower, brushing teeth, etc. This idea is old school, i didn’t think this up at all. You get a membership with a local health club, go there, maybe even work out, if your not too drunk, shower, shave, etc. Ready to look respectable. Still not spending hardly anything near rent, and you have a place to work out with weights, etc.

Maybe im just freaking out cuz i need rent money in a few days…

should have got a cat

god, i let marla outside around 8am this morning for her to go get her pee on. I thought i locked the door, guess not. This morning i find a IDE cable, and 3 condoms(still in package) in my backyard. She pulled this crap off the coffee table, the IDE cable from one of my computers, the condoms from the tip jar at 152 where Ian works…

was such a funny sight, seeing a ide cable covered in leaves next to a bunch of condoms…. – O.J. Interested In Covering Blake Murder Trial

man OJ has been tripping me out lately…why can’t this guy just disappear into the woods and be happy with the whole “i killed that cracker bitch”

but now this?

i posted a few days ago about a reality show already in production about him. This is just too blatant. I mean i guess i gotta give him credit tho. If he was cool and calm enough to stab 2 people to death then he’s gotta have the self control and wit not to mention it again. Right?

fucking buy a goddamn shirt

do you guys not like me anymore?

what do u want to see on this site?

buy a shirt! please! You make so much fucking money a year and you waste it on other crappy clothing.

Now i buy most of my clothes from salvation army so i can’t help but feel like a hypocrite saying it but come on. It says Got Hore? on the front of it. How many shirts do you have that have the word Hore on it?

Come on.

Ya know what? For a limited time offer(until sometime next week), if you buy a shirt and u live in memphis, i’ll personally deliever it to a safe public place. So if you had any ideas of trying to get toad to deliever a shirt to a dark alley, u can go fuck yourself. – O.J. reality TV show in the works – Apr. 23, 2003

this is so tight

hahaha i can’t wait till that shit comes out. A very OJ Thanksgiving, with him chopping up some white meat. How are they going to do this without making a mockery of our judacial system? Ugh don’t answer that….

are they going to mention him slicing up ron and his wife on the show? Will be talk about it? Be like “yah im still confident their gonna get the killer”.

The series will chronicle Simpson’s daily life in Miami using footage collected over several months of filming in 2001 and 2002.

Simpson maintains he did not commit the crimes and has said he thinks the case eventually will be solved.

Hahaha good call, that’ll give us a whole year to edit out all the “that bitch won’t date a white guy ever again” comments out of the entire season.

mad beer ninja

yesterday i went to a redbirds game with shane and his friend. I’m wearing green cargo pants and a Buffalo Bills hoody. In memphis. In spring.

I meet them out friend and neither of them comment about being overdressed. We go inside, i try to barter a cup from the concession stand with no luck. We head up to the seats and as we’re going up the steps i turn to shane and say “yeah i think i’ve gotten pretty bad with alcohol lately”. Shane in turn tells me how much he drank the night before and kinda humbles me for a minute.

We sit down, i pull off the hoody, take out the 40 of Icehouse out of the pocket, placing the hoody back over the bottle as a sort of camo net and go in search of a cup.

$2.50 later i have a coke. I get back to the seat and realize im going to have to drink this fucking coke before i can have my beer. I get back up, find a bathroom, dump the coke and return. It’s already the 3rd inning.

Shane and his friend go to the concession stand and i sit there and pound cheap beer through a cardboard cup. The whole time there is a Redbirds employee eyeing me, often walking down and looking at my hoody. Shane and his friend still havn’t came back.

It starts raining, almost everyone leaves, i watch more of the game from under a roof. My poor 40 is nearly empty so i wander around looking for shane and calling him on his cellphone. They find my drunk ass, watch the rest of the game, which was basically over after the opposing team scored 5 runs in one inning, and we left.

In retrospect, i wish i had ate half a Halcion along with the 40 and drove down there but that could have easily led to toad waking up in his car the next morning.