Functioning Potheads, Unite!

I was coming home from a meeting today in my normal fashion, packing a bowl while leaving their parking lot with the one hitter in my mouth. I pull up to a stop light, furiously pack a bowl while looking to the left and right when i hear the truck next to me honk. I ignore it, shift into 2nd and then stop at the next stop light.

This time i’m right next to the truck, pipe in mouth, smoke pouring from sun roof when i hear the truck honk again. I start to wonder if i have a flat tire and i look up to make eye contact with the guy when i see he has a identical one hitter in his mouth.

We kinda toast one another, i shake my head and say to myself that that’s probably going on the site and go about my way.


Then like 20 minutes later and 15 miles away, a seperate shooting happened, where there were 4 people found dead in a house, one that looked self inflicted. Fox keeps repeating that the shootings arn't related.

It's 2am and i don't have a tv so i don't know if the cop is dead or what happened at the totally seperate crime scene. Now the Memphis media is having a lot of trouble explaining to bleating public that there are 2 different totally unrelated(at midnight, who knows now) murders in memphis.

Now if you dont live in memphis your like “okay weird, 2 totally different multiple victim situations at once, no big deal”.

This is also being peppered with the 3rd story, the 7yr old who was molested and dumped across the street from the place she lived.

I was kinda afraid to leave andy's apartment.

We drink our belly's full, buy a 6 pack of 6oz Budweiser cans Andy calls “grenades” and we drive around, drinking a can, rolling down window/sunroof, throwing it at a car/church/etc and yelling.

The picture is a picture of a squashed bug that holly killed and smeared on her scanner for me.

It's going on the site.

That bug is how i feel right now. Fucking budweiser.

woops :(

okay it’s 5am but i have to mention this. was drinking tonight at everyone’s favorite cop bar, playing ian’s playstation. the only game he brings with him is grand theft auto.

picture this, 4 beers into the evening, driving a stolen cop car, running people over, killing cops, and screaming “haha get in my way now, pigs”, stopping, turning towards the off duty, and wondering if they heard it.