Ipearljam: i named my Zune after the kid that died the other day at my school
ScoutMassaToad: ……..
Ipearljam: its white, kinda looks like a ghost
ScoutMassaToad: i’m sure he appreciates it

Me Shipman: ugh. i don’t feel like sleeping
ScoutMassaToad: phone sex?
Me Shipman: ha ha naw. that your solution to everything?
ScoutMassaToad: beer solves the rest 🙂

dyngner: so are you drinking these days
ScoutMassaToad: give me a call monday when u wake up?
dyngner: ?
dyngner: I will do that
ScoutMassaToad: yeah just at night

i need ideas for a hat

i seriously try not to write about work because i need that money but this was just too good.

we have these meetings where “everyone” shows up. Basically everyone on 2 floors in the conference room for cake, HR talk, etc, etc. so they go through the normal bullshit that doesn’t really have anything to do with me and then they announce the halloween policy this year.

now last year i wore camo pants and a hawaiian shirt and went as  ‘freelance webdesigner’. i thought it was witty. no one else really dressed up.

but this year, we have some vips and we can’t do costumes. but we ARE allowed to wear “hats”. no costumes, but hats are cool. i start laughing because i instantly think “i could do a lot with a hat” and i guess my face shows it. she continues…
so one of my bosses stands up and kinda interrupts, everyone in the room turns. “Michael’s hat will be approved by me amd JR before halloween” and sits back down.
i put on my best “im offended by this remark, good sir” and laugh.

so later today someone actually brings up me getting called out in front of..everyone.

i mean i could go the easy route and just wear my jagermeister hat i found on bourbon street or i could get fired with the “lets duct tape a bunch of dildos to a cowboy hat” idea. trying to find a happy medium..

started writing again

between katy and kelly, ive been motivated to write again. it dusted off the old doc file and started writing again. i called brad to ask to help me with notes from when i lived with him and steve. he provided. thanks brad.
i’m seriously looking at the last month and think “wow i have wasted a lot of time”. I’m going to start dumping a lot of time into getting this into a rough draft. Every single thing i do besides work on this is a waste since anything else i won’t outlive me like this possibly could.
oh well, i’m so fucking depressed that it’s time to pick the book back up. i have to get this to at least a final draft.

i don’t want to wait till i’m my death bed and the people i’m writing about are dead or won’t talk to me 🙂

anyway….this is it….im ready to plunge myself into poverty again, but i got to get this done in the next year.  this is turning into my oldest project that i might not finish.

the last time i felt this way i got a lot done, now it’s time to finish it.

glad nothing is on fire

ive been reading the san diego fire threads lately on fark. they are up to 7 now, people giving each other information on what’s going on. It’s really kinda beautiful to see the internet serve a real purpose. That’s coming from me and you guys know what i do for a living and where i currently work. 🙂

Anyway, i forget the person who posted this on fark but i love this picture.

i’m lovin it!




just all i have to say.

it’s been a strange year. there have been lots of women, lots of websites and way too much beer.

but until october 21th, it’s all been nothing.

garry’s birthday present involved both of us going to a saints game. he bought my ticket and his super hot wife Tae Mee took us down there. i woke up, cooked a breakfast of bacon and waffles, took 2 shots of jager and a few beers, rolled down there.

walking inside the dome, i felt like a bride on her wedding date. no, like a groom on his wedding day.

so fucking terrible as the saints are, we still won. fucking falcons.

the crackle of pigskin

the yuppies networking

i really should go back to sleep…waking up at 10:30pm isn’t happy.
bacon and waffles!

i can’t wait

tomorrow i’m going to see the new orleans saints against the atlanta falcons in the dome.

i’ve don’t think ive ever seen a professional game before and if i could pick any game this would be it.

we might lose. we might win. it’s like a date with a hot girl, no way to know how it’s going to turn out.

but just like going on a date with a hot girl, i appreciate the fact i’m going to be there.

my absolutely new bestfriend garry offered me the ticket. i ask him how much, he says don’t worry about it. he says tammi(i know im spelling it wrong) his lovely beautiful wife is going to drive us down there, drop us off and then pick us up after the game. and cook steaks for us. this is like christmas, valentines day and losing your virginity all rolled up into one afternoon.

i love that i’m writing a update about how i’m excited about a football team. so out of character following a sports team. i’m going to wake up at about 10am, eat a nice healthy breakfast of bacon eggs and grits and then i’m going to start jagering up.

i was talking today about how much fun it would be to dose and see a game. probably a bad idea considering we’re probably going to lose.

next weekend is rage against the machine at voodoofest. then tool with peter and kristy in november. i can’t believe how much greatness i’m going to cram into the last part of 2007. sure, pretty much everyone woman in my life hates me with a burning of a thousand suns but there is more to life then meaningful relationships with people of the opposite sex.

my silk sheets got put on last night, i took a unisom about 45 minutes ago, kegerator is in full effect.

gotta love the small things cuz the big things hate you.

by the way, the album radiodread by the easy star all stars is amazing. their dark side of the moon cover album was beautiful but this is a work of art. ok computer in reggae style…so amazing….

uh oh

yeah so….hmm….

last night i went to the strip club.

spent a lot of money.

which really isn’t a bad thing. i mean spending money is what you do at a strip club. you only take as much as you want to spend. the problem is i brought my credit card. going to be a really funny conversation with the bookkeeper monday morning when she asks if the “barely legal club on bourbon street” is a business expense.

which it is.

i’m more worried about the phonecalls to kim and katy. i REALLY need to stay away from my phone while drunk. like make a serious effort to not call people while drinking. this isn’t something i normally say but lately it’s been really really bad. why can’t i just go out, have a few drinks/lap dances and not start calling people.
self destruction is not the best path.

going back to strip club next weekend tho.

excited over material things

so in my endless internet shopping, i decided it’s time for some new sheets. like it’s been time for a few new pairs but it’s one of those things you just don’t think about when you’re at the store. i’m shopping around because i think it’s time to upgrade to silk sheets. going to be so boss, can’t wait.

first night i get them i’m going to get nice and jagered up, take a few unisom and roll around in bed by myself.  i am way too excited about sheets but sometimes it’s the little things that can make it worth it to get out of bed. i guess new comfortable sheets will actually make it more difficult to get out of bed. bad analogy.

i was talking with a woman at work today about how i don’t even know why i come into work anymore, i can freelance from home and probably be happier. she said that our industry is plagued with the golden handcuffs of contracting work….

oh well, sheets! sheets! sheets! alskdfjlaskjdflkjsadf