Im standing outside in my backyard around 9pm, decked out in hawaiian and camo(like i even had to say it), peeing next to marla, who is also peeing. If any artists are reading this site, i will pay $50 if you can make me a nice painting of this. Thanks in advance.

First we have Gately’s wonderful umm well….hmmm


Next up, we have Amanda’s. Good job, Amanda, think you’re in the lead now.


kind of a long story

So boar pastes me this link to a car forum where they are showing pics of them racing across the country in their super exotic cars. I’m fucked up and decide to start some shit. I ask everyone in the forum if i think this chick in a picture with one of the racers, would fuck me if i didn’t have a Ferrari.

Banning from forum ensues but i still got mine.