Before this little fun update i would like to announce a very special occurance. From the people who brought you delightfully rancid of crackhore.com have started on a new project. We recently purchased godhatesbaptists.com in order to make a parody godhatesfags.com which is owned by a Baptist Church. Hehehe.
Now this was funny. My break at work finally rolls around so i jump up and yell “It’s poopy time!” to my cube mate and then sprint across the office to the bathroom. I kicked open the door to the men’s bathroom(yes i wear men’s clothing at work) and ran to a empty stall and slammed the door behind me. I then proceded to do my little toady business(nothing strange here, normal pink urine, etc). I stand up to go wash my hands and then suddenly my name badge flies off shirt into the now “full” toilet, landing with a satisfying *thump*.

I screamed “SHIT!” in the half full bathroom and heard the snickers of my co-workers as they wash their hands. I sighed, realizing i was going to have to get that namebadge back somehow, rolled my sleeves up and begin to move my hand through the feces, toilet paper and urine looking for my name badge. I finally found the badge, pulled it out slowly and shook the piece of toilet paper which was clinging to it off and then opened the door. I neatly reattached my name tag back on my shirt and left calmly and quietly. I decided i didn’t need to wash my hands since they didn’t look dirty. Now my name badge smells different, it also tastes a little strange too. The moral of this story, always remove your namebadge before going in the bathroom.