I lost my car again

I washed down the downpayment for the website, a Halcion, with one of those big Heineken's. I put on Wes's swimsuit, which was a little tight in the crotch, no offense to Wes, and proceded to pull drunk/luded moves off the diving board.

They give me the rest of the downpayment, making me promise i don't eat them until i'm on my way home and going directly to bed. My friend warns me that his doctor told him to take up to 13 at a time since their only 25 mg each. He said he ate 4 the first night he had them and was mad pilled out, so i was sold.

So on the way home i'm shifting with one hand and tearing theSeroquel packages open with my mouth, calling people on my cellphone to find a place to drink. Wes answers, i meet him at the Glass Onion and all starts to get really gray.

I know i got there, parked my car, rolled up all my windows, even closing the sunroof, went in and drank with everyone. I only remember about a 1/4th of the conversations of the night and woke up in my bed with my boots still tied.

Around god knows when I was sitting out on the patio, one eye open, Wes demanding that he give me a ride home, i figure this night's over. Every time i tried to talk it came out without any punctuation or any of the other things you need in a sentence needs.

I pay my tab, somehow, as you can see to left, i left with both copies of the receipt, probably causing all kinds of ruckus at the end of the night. I woke up in bed, a opened Seroquel package laying next to my keys and wallet.

Happy 23rd birthday toad, you've made it 23 years, let see if we can do another 23!@#$@#


BigBabyOwlJesus: 3 beers at jillians a black and tan n fish and chips at dan mcguinness then countless cherry bombs and pucker shots then a double shot 190 octane then more pucker shots and 5 shots of jack and a heineken, i even threw up all over myself at one point, ha i was walking through peabody place with a hand full of vomit and a shot of jack i got to the bathroom, finished vomiting, killed the shot of jack then went back upstairs and continued drinking.

BigBabyOwlJesus: this drunk underage germantown rich bich ho randomly tried to start a fight with me all the time i had Eugene from Oxbow in my head trying to get me to say “bitch you’re either leaving this bar DEAD or FUCKED” but i ignored him and just ended the situation peacefully and got a free shot of jack from the bartender


It’s been 365 days.

I’ve deleted most of this post just to try to stay un melodramitic(sp). All i should say is what i did today. I woke up, worked as much as i could and got drunk, typed out many paragraphs of depressing diatrab(sp), deleted it and hopefully went to bed

im going to kill them all, sir

god, my neighbers dog is barking, thus invoking a great orchestra of barking dogs on my entire goddamn street. i’m up anyway working but the principle of these random neighberhood dogs that roam up and down the street annoying other people’s dogs.

god why am i updating about these goddamn dogs. i went outside a second ago and saw someone standing in the street yelling at the dogs too. I think thats it.

god i wish i was tired.

hehe site kinda sucks

was laying in bed trying to sleep when i hear ian barge in at 6 am with some anonymous girl. ian wakes me up, alex who is on the couch is totally awake.

we all argue and figure and it’s decided that theres going to be a drinking constest at noon when we wake ian up.

so now im in the living room having miller in preperation, wondering what music to let ian fall gracefully to sleep


Meathead is this huge speciman of a black man that works security at Hardrock on old school sundays. About a year ago, i was all drunk and tackled Meathead when Ian and the rest of the Hardrock crew convinced it would be funny. I tackle the wrong guy, they were telling me to tackle the small guy next to him who had more of a sense of humor then meathead.

Anyway, long story short, next time i see him i give him a shirt, which he immediately puts on and is later seen dancing with a drink in each hand. I take several pics, none of which are on disk in the morning.


ain’t nothin to flirt wit

hehe i love explaining my failures at flirting on my site. I guess since im young i still can have a sense of humor about failed attemps at getting numbers at bars.

Wait till i get older.

Anyway, i walk up to the bar to get a drink and random girl of decent beauty starts talking to me. I sit down, can’t remember for the life of me what we talked about, who knows.

As we’re about to leave, i turn to ask her for phone number, spilling my precious beer on my chair and me.

Instantly any chance of me leaving with her number disappears into beer soaked napkins and me laughing since I now know the antelope has escaped and i need to just go back and lay in the grass in wait.

okay fuck it

i’ve been spending a lot of time setting up this thing im doing now and i havn’t spent time wiht my favorite litlte project


recetnly crackhore has begun a gurrila warfare tattic of selling/giving away as many shirts and sticikers as possibls.they are showing up at bars that you go to now as i type this.

nothing can stop us.



scoutMASTERtoad: ugh why isn't sek ever online anymore
MahBizNizzle: dunno
MahBizNizzle: been sick the past few days
scoutMASTERtoad: really bothers me when people arn't online
MahBizNizzle: he'll be on later
scoutMASTERtoad: yeah but he's not on now
scoutMASTERtoad: like he usually used to be
MahBizNizzle: He probably hates you
MahBizNizzle: and me too
MahBizNizzle: 😉
scoutMASTERtoad: 🙁
scoutMASTERtoad: haha
scoutMASTERtoad: daily darkness from wes