oh you mean mah bike

cnn article

Pop’s tripping, man.

He want me to ask for my bike back.

You know I wouldn’t trip.

What bike?

Time trial bike, one of a kind… the one I let you use, the one I been asking you about.

Oh, that bike.

I didn’t know you wanted it back, homie.

It’s right here. Follow me, homes.

Yeah, it’s just like it’s both of ours. We just keep it down at my house.

That’s my bike, punk!

monday morning

7am: wake alone, think about kelly

7:05 put on camo pants and hawaiian shirt

7:15   45 pushups, 200 situps

7:35 jerk off

7:45 finish reading internet and walk to jetgo gas station

7:52 buy coffee and walk home

this is gonna be a good day

half marathon

did it.

some thoughts on the matter

running over 3 miles basically seems to take your body and magnify every single thing wrong with it.  most everyone is plagued with having one leg longer then the other and when you get to around 10 miles you can feel it with each step.

it was great tho, nice 7am start time….took the bus downtown to poydras, the lady on the bus asked me about the race and i told her to memorize my race number so when she hears about my death in the news she’ll know it’s mine.

the start was very surreal, all these people just running down poydras then down bourbon and then up on to st charles.  sun wasn’t even up by the first mile…for my music selection i decided to go with 10k days as the first album and then i alternated between mars volta and the downward spiral for the last bit…

the run up st charles was nice…beautiful morning,  everyone in good spirits, moving along good. the eye candy was incredible…sweaty toned bodies that can’t see me staring because of the sunglasses 🙂 anyway

we get to the park to run the loop there and i start realizing “shit i gotta run all the way back downtown after i do this”. watching the sun rise in the park was very beautiful and took away the dread that downtown is pretty fucking far from the park.

the run back down st charles you start to see people on the side of the street wearing race numbers.


you can be a quitter too but what would maynard and his dead mother think of you.

im pretty sure they wouldn’t be happy.

you also see a lot of people stretching against lightposts, etc….it must really hurt to have to stop and stretch.

after 10k days ends and the NIN starts kicking in around mile 9…and shit is starting to hurt…we go under I 10 and and around Lee circle…and turn down poydras…almost there…the NIN is sounding really good…singing along to the becoming and i can see the super dome.

the streets are lined with people cheering and now i’m screaming I DO NOT WANT THIS, I DO NOT WANT THIS….

kelly meets me after i walk immediately to the port o potty. i hobble over to the beer truck and start the post race drinking.

i came in at one hour and 52 minutes…8 and a half minute mile, pretty weak…wanted to keep it under 8 minute miles but i also have to keep in mind i’m a alcoholic.