the thing you have to remember about memphis is that it’s special.

not special but special.

this is where elvis is from.

and if you know anything about elvis, you’ll know that he freed the slaves.

and he invented rap.

we walk around with our ipods and our websites without properly respecting the fact that there would be no NWA and no 50 cent if it wasn’t for elvis, the father of rap and the anti-slavery movement.

memphisâ„¢ you gots no ideas what your missin, b


i moved.

i forgot to update my site.

you know you have a aim lifestyle when your friends start getting bombarded with messages since i didn’t sign on for about a week.

im all setup in the new place, computers are almost setup…..

a new crackhore will be launching in a few weeks

ive been working on my friend’s site for about half a year now. he really wanted a “crackhore” style system, so i took my cms and build him a model of what i wish crackhore was. after his site goes live this week, i’ll export crackhore and import it into this new design. in theory it should work.