hush now toady dont you cry

ugh so brandon and i get in the car last night and he grabs a spindal of cds and starts going through them. He picks one out, slides it in and puts the car into reverse.

then that familar sound….bum, bum, bum, bum….the beginning of the wall…..i had already listened to that cd twice that day, also even broke out the dark side right before i left work…as you can see in my previous post….

after much drinking and talking about how if you’re gonna fuck a girl that your friend had dated, you gotta get a spoon or a spatula and scoop out all of your friend that’s left up inside of her. I started making a scooping motion, demonstrating how you really gotta get way up in there to get it all out.

ugh meeting time…time to finish my huge bottle of evian and go

ian, went away, ian gone

As ive mentioned previously, the phone rarely rings for toad. I still answer when i’m not playing warcraft and i take messages and usually tell ian. Usually.

Lately since so many people ask “ian?” when i answer the phone, i’ve just been like “*cough* yeah this is ian?” Most people, like his mom, see through it, but it’s great when it’s one of those gray area friends. I can usually ask them 2-3 quetions before their like “hey wait you’re not ian, who is this”. Thats when you have to hang up.

big failure

scoutmastertoad: i think im gonna write a book
scoutmastertoad: in about 3 years
scoutmastertoad: about how not to things
scoutmastertoad: just have a list of things i just did horribly wrong
scoutmastertoad: and how i should have done them
scoutmastertoad: like “my big book of failure”

so hungry

hmmm we’re down to frozen food now……maybe we have some bread…last week i was making bread, peanut butter and honey….i call it the cracktoad… i have a sandwich named after me as well as a drink and a kitten.

i think brandon and i were at the full moon club 3 times this week….he stated this last night, where i was wearing the same sweatshirt, drinking the same kind of beer. It was like deja vu times 3. Is that deja tres? hmm

yeah i met her from the internet….

so i’m at a meeting today talking to my new client. He’s in his late 20’s, really cool guy, cusses a lot in meetings, definetely my kind of laid back client.

His phone rings today during our meeting and he looks at it goes “yeah! got lots of girls calling me today!” and answers it.

Hey sexy, what you doing?

He talks for a minute and then hangs up and says “yeah i met her from the Internet, it’s really funny.” I laugh under my breath and point to my design on the screen and say “Yeah all this crap is just extra, the internet really exists to pick up chicks”.

It’s so funny when someone mentions something in the slightest manner and your head is suddenly flooded with aim chick diasters and victories, thus destroying any concentration you had in the first place…

not again…

this is the 2nd night in a row that is ending with jack and cokes….like every morning the lesson of “beer before liquor, never sicker” is beat into my head.

well, that just goes to show you that even your own memory or updates can fool you…