so it begins again

2 minutes into monday…i sit sharpening my blade, mouth watering at the web sites that i shall stalk with my phone headset, keyboard, mouse and monitors.

my outlook calendar is a scary thing…lots of people to harass…where’s my money…did you send the money…we can’t get started until you give us…the money.

oh well, time to sleep 😀

Two shootings reported in an hour span in the Lower Garden District

okay first read this article

now here’s my side of it.

i woke up at my girlfriend’s house which happens quite a bit. we lay in bed together, she’s already super late for work but we’re just laying there enjoying the last of wonderful bliss of sleep.

we hear the unmistakable sound of gunfire which is a pretty normal thing in pretty much every city and apartment i’ve ever lived in.  paying it no mind, we decide to make her a little for work, which doesn’t take me long but she was a good 5 minutes later 😀

anyway, i put on the camo, boots, black shirt, messenger bag, out the door to catch the magazine bus. now it’s not every morning i start drinking before 9am but i was thirsty. Dats grocery store(yeah it says Dat’s on the sign) has these $1 16 oz cans of Mickeys which are a great post sex breakfast to drink on while i wait for the bus.  I remember thinking i shouldn’t be drinking in the mornings but “this one beer won’t kill me”. There is a guy in a FBI jacket talking to the woman owner of the establishment talking about what she heard.

i go in, grab the beer, pay my $1.00 bill for my $1.00 beer, get a brown bag and walk out. There’s a old dude wheeling in some beer off a coors truck. I nod to him and he says “how you doing”. I reply i was doing well.

I get probably 40-50 yards away when i hear gun fire. Not distant like it was in the nice safe house earlier. I take off running up magazine, beer in hand. i turn to see what is potentially something awful for my existance, any cars speeding at me or anyone pointing anything. i’m suddenly a little glad im wearing camo. The guy in the FBI jacket has pulled his gun and is firing, the coors truck dude is flat on the ground. i’m too far away to see the look on his face but i’m sure it was “i cant wait to write about this on my site” type grin.

i walk up and immediately open my beer and begin walking up magazine watching several squad cars tear ass around the block and more yellow tape going up. i end up walking home since the bus was obviously not running down magazine at a regular pace. got home, took off the camo, put on a fresh pair, put the phone headset on and got back to work.

i thought about all day long how bad ass it would have been to get hit by stray fire and that just be it. walking home from his chick, shot down on the streets.  can take a boy out of the ghetto but can’t get the ghetto out of the boy. i would hope the media would spin it as me being some how directly involved. people in memphis would sending out their bulletins saying “omg”

really makes you appreciate morning sex before going out into the mean streets.

shed blues

so the shed behind my apartment is being torn down by some guys my landlord hired. the shed was in really bad shape, roof collapsing on itself and was just plain dangerous. it is a marvelous and magical act of nature that has woken me up really early this weekend. the thoughts i have of murder while laying in bed hearing them hammer and keep me away from the precious sleep i need for the next long work week…everyone is nice until they are kept awake. then even your sweet mother is a fucking axe murderer….

i haven’t seen lizzy lately and i think she was wise and fled the building before they tore it down. i saw our other neighbor earlier, wonder if he is as tired as i am…