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Marla died today

I can't believe I just typed that title. She had a good life. She really did. She grew up in Memphis with me working from home and her personality was really built from that in a sense. Spending so much time with me on a day to day basis gave her the ability to learn so much english that it was like you were with a real person. We spent days and days together. Working from home you don't see many people so ...

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Relaunching this site

I'm going to relaunch this site in 2016. I'm currently in the process of redesigning the site as well as adding some new fun things. The main goal is that I'm tired of spamming Facebook with my crap and need a better avenue for my clever writing. ...

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Bottling instructions

There are a million web sites with steps on how to bottle beer but I wanted something super detailed I could read from the moment I finish brewing. While it's fermenting, it's time to start looking at the bottle situation. You have your bottle exchange you can always raid but you gotta go uptown and get them. Here is the math. 48-54 12 ounce bottles 32-35 16 ounce bottles 24-26 22 ounce bottles 16-18 32 oun ...

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Bluetooth headset review

This is my jesus bluetooth device. There are many like them but this one is mine. (non affiliate link) Red means off, black means it's on connected. I look forward to phonecalls with old friends as a chance to use it. Has a range of 20ish yards. Always crazy when you are that far from your phone and it rings in your ...

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Drinking again. The first drink was a ice cold PBR served to me by a beautiful blonde covered in tattoos. Very down to earth too, not a bimbo, what you think when you think blonde. She wore tight jeans and a shirt with the sides cut a little short so you can see her hips. Imagine what your hands would feel like on them. That's why I'm wearing this shirt. I like smiling at you. Should have asked her out. Nee ...

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Woke up sunday after a week of sin which I hope does not come back to haunt me. I was laying on the couch contemplating the idea of rock bottom and how far I still really need to go when I heard a knock on the door. It's my neighbor's daughter. She's asking me for a beer for her dad. He's down by the pool grilling. I walk down in my black robe and 2 tall boys of Becks, the last of the alcohol in my house. I ...

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holiday time

I absolutely love this time of year. Party party party. It's okay that no one wants to start any new projects. There are christmas parties. I had my fucking party in august when there were no new projects and there were no parties. That should come for something. ...

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If u don’t believe in God, I don’t care to know u.

Woke up at exactly 3am. It's pretty much impossible for me to go back to sleep at this point in my life. Between the failing business, my absolutely terrible personal and social life and just the fact that I'm living in "this" make sit impossible to go back to sleep after waking up. Since I'm fucking wired and any delay in a text message response is considered rude, I check my phone. Let's also admit I'm ch ...

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