maeshipman: you’re being really disrespectful to my beliefs and i don’t think thats very nice of you

maeshipman: well i don’t eat the animals
maeshipman: =)
ScoutMassaToad: i know i know
ScoutMassaToad: they taste so good>:o
maeshipman: but they are treated so terribly!
ScoutMassaToad: thats why they taste so fucking good
ScoutMassaToad: >:o
ScoutMassaToad: hahahahahahaha


The possibility of suicide in depressed patients remains during treatment and until significant remission occurs. Therefore, the number of tablets prescribed at any one time should take into account this possibility, and patients with suicidal ideation should never have access to large quantities of trazodone.

i love reading that on wiki about something my docotor just prescribed for me.

i think my doctor is trying to get me to kill myself….

no cat selling!

god dude

had to go to the bywater, a really bad area of nola….

there was a sign outside of this tire shop, reminded me of that tire shop on southern

had a huge sign out front that said


i was waiting for the bus and it took me a second to figure out that “no cat selling” means no prositution. i started loling when it hit me and all the dudes turn and start staring.

thank god for on time buses.

OKAY UPDATE —- Carla from Rendeouvz said she has seen this pic and gave me a link, mad props

creeping chicks out

yeah okay check this shit out.

i am the fucking creepiest guy on the internet. something about my curiosity or whatever…just fucking creepy.

i posted a few weeks ago about this girl i’ve “seen” online

i finally msged her and said “hey i saw you, sorry for staring”

she replied with a really friendly response, yeah that was me, yeah i saw you, next time say hi. very cool, actually positive response. next time i see her, she said to come up and act like a friend…shit i know she’ll remember me now…

i should have left it at that. just be like “okay cool, see you soon!”

but i don’t.

i msg her back with a link  back to crackhore with her previous post and a whole…yeah i think i’m just going out of my way to…i dunno….

she seemed nice too, i’m not going to mention what she looks like to avoid persecution.

i’m also banning myself from the internet as of today.


thought i knew you well
thought i had read the sky
thought i had read a change
in your eyes to strange
woke up to a world
that i am not a part
except when i can play
it’s stranger
after all what were you really looking for
and i wonder when will i learn
blue isn’t red everybody knows this

and i wonder when will i learn
when will i learn
guess i was in
deeper than i thought i was
if i have enough love
for the both of us

“just stay”
you said “we’ll build a nest”
so i left my life
tried on your friends
tried on your opinions.
so when the bridges froze
and you did not come home
i put our snowflake
under a microscope
after all what was i really looking for
and i wonder when will i learn
maybe my wish knew better than i did
and i wonder so strange now
i’m finally in
the party has begun
it’s not like i can’t feel you still
but strange what i will leave behind
you call me one more time
but now i must be leaving

my last post

ive been really sick the last week and a half…lymphnodes have been marbles…a cough that has been getting progressively worse…i got a doctor appointment in 3 hours, it’s more of a formality, get the bad news, find out how many weeks i have left…

i just spent 6 hours laying in bed, coughing, writhing in pain, wishing i had made a appointment last week…i know im being a bit of a drama queen but i feel bad…not just bad, like bad bad….

i want to apologize for everything bad i’ve done…i know im going to be waking up in flames tomorrow.

it’s been over 24 hours since i last slept…not even tired…watching one last sun rise while i type this…

it’s kinda weird how being sick for a week and a half really puts things into perspective as far as where we are in the world…either the doctor is gonna tell me really bad news or say “here just take this and you’ll be straight in a few days” and i’ll go back to my evil ways…i couldn’t imagine feeling this awful and the only way out is waiting for a slow death….technology for the win…antibiotics for the win…progress for the win…

i just gotta hold out 3 more hours or show up at oschner with a cardboard sign that says WILL EAT PUSSY FOR ANTIBIOTICS

okay thats the whiskey talking