all bad things come to a end

that’s right motherfuckers, friday(29th) is





the last fucking party. All the furniture/computers/stolen shit has been moved(again) to a storage unit safely tucked away in cordova. There it shall rot until i find a new place to live.

Come one, come all. On Heather, on Metzger, on Mary, on Diebold and Blitzen. This is your last opportunity to be drunk in the temple of the hore. I got a huge bucket of change im gonna spend on buying 40’s so im gonna be straight but all you other fuckers better keep yourself covered.

Doors open at 9pm, party will last until police show up or we run out of beer. No guns, drugs or gang colors.
i’m a weird internet stalker, i’ve never been to your apartment so i need directions

Seeya Tommorow!*wink*

jump jump jump jump

Pack it up, pack it in
Let me begin
I came to win
Battle me that’s a sin
I won’t tear the sack up
Punk you’d better back up
Try and play the role and the whole crew will act up

What a day….in the office by 2pm…work till 6…finally made some money…bought a 40 with change from the ashtray of my car since the money i made today won’t actually get into my hand until 6 months from now.

gotta love being a contract worker..

i had a client of mine comment on my clothes today. I just don’t see the point of dressing up anymore…it seems like such a shallow thing to do…like “i don’t feel professional enough on the inside so i better wear a tie” or something….i design websites, you’re getting cargo pants and a hoody and you be damn glad im there.

i am now a mexican

Toad was simply sitting there looking out the car window when he saw the car door of a car next to us open up and there saw a man dumping out the inside of what appeared to be some sort of tobacco cigar. Now why would anyone waste perfectly good cigar tobacco? This confused Toad very much and he nearly went into convulsions. In the future, if anyone is with Toad, do see that no cigar tobacco is wasted.

Swede White

little bed haha toad

well it’s 2pm….im throughly drunk…the sun is out…it’s been a day since i slept….i’m so tired…i can feel the pillow against my face, the feeling the bedspread as it glides over me….the cool feeling of darkness wrap around my mind…

but i can’t be a little bitch

gotta stay awake….

i got the mp3s, i got the liqour. i can stay awake…i ain’t no bitch, i an’t no bitch, i an’t botdhahahdfkdfdfadfa

so tired

so tired…only 1pm….probably was a bad idea to start drinking at 11am….i was like “it’ll keep me awake, coke has caffiene…and whiskey umm whiskey is yeah so like coke has caffiene and….”

ive gone from Lamb, to NIN, to Sublime, to Pigface to No Doubt to Tori to Bjork….

running out of directions….except downwards…need to keep drinking…just gotta make it to sunset…so comfortable….too comfortable…