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Internet Dating & OkCupid White Paper

As a professional blogger such as myself, imma use the first paragraph to explain my advanced knowledge in the field through examples of real life experience. I've been internet dating since...i was 16 and i was able to drive to visit girls online. For me it was just easier for a billion different reasons. Anyway, the all guy highschool spawned my first drive to meet a girl off the internet, then i was buyi ...

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oh you mean mah bike

cnn article Pop's tripping, man. He want me to ask for my bike back. You know I wouldn't trip. What bike? Time trial bike, one of a kind... the one I let you use, the one I been asking you about. Oh, that bike. I didn't know you wanted it back, homie. It's right here. Follow me, homes. Yeah, it's just like it's both of ours. We just keep it down at my house. That's my bike, punk! ...

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open wrists talk back again

last night i celebrated the death and resurrection of christ by drinking more beer....people are giving me more details about saturday. apparently you're not allowed to touch the strippers. no one ever told me that....except jesus....blah anyway...don't touch them. thank you levi for taking care of me...and paying off that not going to platinum anymore...valerie can have that bar too.... i re ...

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platinum minus

Well our platinum plus journey is over. I'm probably jinxying everyone by saying this cuz i'm not sure if merritt, levi and rachel or sek got home okay but everything was okay when i left. fucking platinum. They had a pussy eating contest at one point which i navigated the crowd to get a closer look. Ppeople were balling up dollar bills and throwing them at them while they "made love" to each other's holes. ...

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i am so fucking terrified

so i wanted to drop a line before tonight because this might be the "last update" if you know what i mean. since levi is going back to iraqi soon and rachel has never been, we're going to platinum tonight. here is the line up. merritt, rachel, sek and levi. this can't go well, it just can't. i keep getting these little flashes in my head of tonight and im just so scared. i keep saying to myself, i'm not goi ...

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Motavation in a thong.

i told him ian told me to invite him good thing i didn't *looks at empty baggy* god like....everyone use your imagation for this. Toad dressed in a $20 suit, which i told many people, is the same cost of a bag og schwag. Thus naming it, my schwag suit. Ken is dresed in, okay let me describe this. This isn't just funny for me cuz everyone ian or i bring it up we start laughing. We pull up to Ken's house and ...

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