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Honestly, nothing really exciting happened. I got kicked off the subway by a really pissed off boston rail guy who said i couldn’t wear skates while on the subway. I argued that since there were no signs that it was perfectly legal. He said by that logic it would be legal to bring a weapon down here. In response i said that carrying a weapon is perfectly legal if you a permit for it and if you didn’t have permit then it was illegal by state laws. I then asked him for the state law which said i couldn’t wear rollerblades on a escalator in a subway. He then got really pissed. It was cool, stupid people own. Lets see, what else, umm, i didn’t sleep with sara, her boyfriend was pretty tall and sara wasn’t throwing me any of the signs so i just decided to be nice and polite and just sit there.

Okay, Ianx0r says he is close to finishing his corner of crackhore.com which should be up soon.
FreaKeXX: still awake?
sm0ketoad: polk;lj
FreaKeXX: drunk I see
sm0ketoad: ahahaha

how to piss off a cashier

Nothing like coming home Sunday morning wearing the same clothes you were wearing Friday night. Things are different now yet still strikingly similar. It’s okay tho. I’d sell my soul, my self esteem, a dollar at a time, for one chance, one kiss, one taste of you my magdalena…….

How To Piss Off A Cashier
Heh, so me and this friend of mine stumble into a RiteAid at like 2am. Toad immediately grabs two cans of cheese balls, a mountain dew, and a Nutrageous. Toad pays for his purchase with a debit card. His conspirator buys a lighter and a pack of cigerettes. His total is $5.15 but yet he only has $5 in change which he pulled from the floor of the apartment. He pays the $5 and then asks the cashier if he can put the 11 cents on the debit card. She was pissed….toad ended up walking to his car and getting the 11 cents insted.