web monster

10pm – valerie and i meet my client from cincinnati at earnestine and hazels. i get the usual stareswith the laptop because most people there havn’t heard of wireless, much less know theres a unsecure network somewhere near by.

10:20pm – client gets there, we pick out a new image for the homepage. we find one on istock, i crop it out and paste it in his site. it looks leet as fuck. behind us, these 4 old black people are dancing. i can’t describe it since i was hard at work but from what valerie told me, it was pretty fucked up.

11ish, i think – we head to the blue monkey now that the site is finished. im wearing a black hot 107.1 shirt. all 3 of us look out of place. i shouldn’t have drank so many budweisers at earnestines. 2 new castles later, we are walking with my client to the lofts next to the blue monkey.

12ish – we stumble down the street to the lofts where his sister lives and where he’s been staying. he’s going to get his sister’s dog, who needs to be walked and grab us a bottle of wine. valerie and i get lost trying to find the roof.

1am – valerie and i are laying in lawn chairs on the top of the lofts. someone left a really nice stereo up there, already turned on. the view is so nice. i wish i was rich and lived downtown. valerie goes to find a bathroom, riders on the storm comes on.

no idea – just looked outside window, car is here, guess we drove home.


is closer to friday then tuesday.

it’s back out to bartlett again for another design meeting….at 10am…..not enough sleep last night….

i can’t believe i had this much shit due today and got as much of it done. of course, i didn’t do all of it.

bruce did.

bruce got more done in 2 hours then i’ve been able to do in 3 weeks. i wonder if i’ll ever learn. not learn php/mysql well enough to do projects like this, but learn not to do crazy stuff without calling bruce first and asking how much it’ll cost. instead i just pick a round number, figure i can probably do this “no problem”.

fastforward a month from then and im sitting in the corner of the computer room rocking back and forth.

ugh, time to go shower and leave the house again *sigh*

thanks for your help bruce

not going to shoot you, just seems ironic

valerie read a article outloud about the guy that killed dimebg darrel. apparently this guy listened to the same album every morning and decided to kill dimebag because he stole his lyrics, etc.

what kinda fucked with me is i didn’t think that was fucked up. i listen to a lot of music every morning. i picture the look on tori’s face when i jump up on stage and start shooting.

you stole my source, tori.

camo pants, crackhore shirt with wine stain on front. shooting.

the moral of this update.

they didn’t steal your lyrics or ideas. don’t shoot them.


never going to ever hurt tori

never going to have a good update

delete this bookmark


standing with my girlfriend’s bottle of vodka she left over here this weekend and a bottle of stawberry Fanta. I start to kinda do the math in my head, like “maybe it can turn out right, just gotta add lots of ice” and it hit me. No, this just isn’t a good idea.

I got a little upset that i almost made such bad call that i went and got a glass of water.

going get hammered later to make up for it. hope the streets are still wet.

Let me say this as clearly as I can.

been on fire lately. was at earnestine and hazel’s drinking and talking on aim. dude walks up to me and we start talking about computers, etc. i explain what i do, he tells me about the fiber optics company he runs.

oh you got a site

don’t like it?

well, here, look at this site, pretty cool huh?

want one? design by tommorow? no, i accept cash and credit cards. okay see you tommorow.

web fucking ninja

one site at a time, im going to fix the whole fucking internet.

Let me say this as clearly as I can. You cannot beat me. I am a part of it. The Alcohol, Mp3s, and Bandwidth. Their strength flows through my veins. My blood is filled with their ancient power.

annie’s quote

anniex0r: i quit going to your site when i quit thinking about you.

^^ i’m going to put that on a t-shirt ^^

scoutMASTERtoad: hahahaha

scoutMASTERtoad: thats what i wanted 🙂
anniex0r: like if you’re not in my life, what the fuck do i care about how drunk you got last night… and the night before… and “wow, driving is an adventure” … oooookay.

scoutMASTERtoad: haha driving is a adventure

anniex0r: i mean, seriously, does anyone go to your site that doesn’t know you? or hasn’t met you? i mean, is anyone entertained? …are the few people that know you even entertained?

anniex0r: i don’t get it.

scoutMASTERtoad: newp probably not

scoutMASTERtoad: yeah i know

scoutMASTERtoad: get so many hits tho

scoutMASTERtoad: just from drunk people i’ve met at bars

scoutMASTERtoad: and the growing aim list

scoutMASTERtoad: of poor people that have ran into me

scoutMASTERtoad: you can’t stop us, not you or your robots