Joe Paycheck Meeting Dec. 12th

The public issues forum is a local group that has been active for the past ten years here in the Memphis area. This nonpartisan group has worked for a variety of causes, by not only spreading information, but hosting speakers on such vital local issues, such as Criminal reform, separation of church and state, the Living wage, as well as riverfront renewal.
I feel that these “old Lions” can really get us focused in the right direction, and in our struggle we will need all the friends, allies, and partners we can get.
The meeting is on Sunday, Dec. 12th, at 2:30pm, at the central library on poplar ave.
afterwards we can all go to Neil’s on madison and mclean to have lunch and discuss our future plans and goals.
I hope to see you there.
At this meeting they will discuss the issues that they will pursue in the comming year. and elect officers.There is much potential to this, we will only have impact if and when the progressive movement in this area can coordinate.The choice is one of two or three large groups allied, verses ten to twelve small groups, all going it alone.
I hope to finally meet some of you there and
If you would please post if you can or cannot make this one, on the Joe Paycheck Society of Tennessee group page.

Thank you.


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