portishead – dummy

yeah so.
just in case you don’t know.  listening to portishead for 2-3 days in a row will cause suicide.
i don’t really consider myself a expert on music or depression.  i have my reasons why i’m sad but whatever.  just saying, this is some dark shit.  my resume of depressing music goes back pretty far.  *slides paper over*

you can see years with tool, nin, lamb, and of course, tori, have left me with a decent grasp of depression.  you’ll also see great references from jack daniels and evan williams, who have also helped me in my goal to truely understand sadness.
portishead is different tho.  see with NIN, tori, etc they kinda beat around the bush on shit.  portishead is pretty straight up.  oh can anybody see the light.
wow i havn’t mentioned the album enough.
okay.  i listen to this album way too much and you have to be careful with it, which i havn’t.  Don’t just drop this in when you are hanging out with your friend.  this is strictly alone music. 
like next time you feel really really alone.  like complete darkness, put in this album.  the cool thing about portishead is she’ll start out just spiralling downward and then wake you up telling you how much she loves you, then dunking your head back in the drowning water of depression.
I got nobody on my side
And surely that ain’t right

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