professor toad teaches webdesign 101

i was out at a bar a few weeks ago, (surprise) after a meeting. A guy i know from back when i used to go out a lot, comes up to me and asks if i’ll tutor his sister and her friend in their webdesign course they have in college.

I say sure, why not. I’ve learned any chance to help someone out usually ends in me getting some real web work. They also offer me alcohol, which i have also learned…makes updates.

We met last night and i was dressed really nice, had my shirt with my business’s name on it, didn’t say anything weird, etc. We met at their very nice apartment, very very clean.

We had to have class #2 at my apartment since i don’t have a rental yet.

Now you have to picture my apartment with all the weird shit on the walls, stolen shit, etc. But it’s really messy after the weekend. I have a martini shaker on my computer desk, next to my huge black survival knife.

A little about my appearance. Hair is like orange blonde, got the hawaiian shirt on, camo pants, no socks. I can’t remember what terrible music i had playing because i had been drinking since like 4pm.

I finish her project, i vaguely remember showing her photoshop. I dunno, can’t remember, too drunk.

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