the world is testing me

check this shit out.

so im taking over a bunch of hosting clients for a guy in new orleans. He fedexes me his server’s harddrive, i open it up, set it on desk. He buys a 250 gig harddrive from compusa and has it shipped to me, supposed to arrive the next day.

Around 4pm he msgs me and asks if the harddrive got there. I say newp, been here all day too. He pastes me the compusa tracking. Wow, it’s been delievered, but 20 minutes before i woke up, but not on porch.

i call up compusa and fedex and throw a fit about how i’m not gonna eat this $166 cuz of fedex’s new policy of just leaving crap on porches without a signature. I file a claim for it and order a 2nd drive, on the client’s card.

I head to a meeting around 7pm and when i get around 8, surprise, there’s a package on my door. Now this is when toad’s inner evilness starts saying “well, you’ve already filed the claim, maybe this is just kind of a gift from god? maybe he’s making up for the bitch almost killing you. Like god feels bad about it and wants to give me a harddrive?

After consulting my inner god and asking my friends what they said i should call compusa and cancel the claim. The theory is, it’s a $166 harddrive, not worth committing insurance fraud. If it was a $3k laptp then i could maybe justify it but the risk just wasn’t worth it.

I call back compusa, stop the order and close the claim. Hope i just didn’t return a gift from god.

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