there was a woman reading tarot cards at a bar we went to tonight. I really had no intrest in at first, it’s too much like religion…..cards that tell you the future, sure, people believe crazier shit and they blow themselves up, i’m not giving her money and jesus doesn’t make me feel guilty for having sex.

it’s too ironic for us to avoid so we all talk about how we’re all going to go talk to her but not until we’ve drank enough. merritt went first, came back saying “she’s good”, like it was a lapdance with a stripper….then valerie went…valerie convinced me, fine…i’ll do it, just so i can be like “naw, i was right..even if she watched me from the moment i walked in and ‘tagged me’ as a certain personality or type”.

she deals out the cards and starts reading. i know tarot cards as well as i know something else i don’t know anything about.

now i’m not sure if this like a birthday wish and if i say it makes it untrue but i don’t really believe in the first place so i can’t jinx it anymore. she told me on the 2nd card i’m not happy where i live and need to leave soon. okay, good guess, what else.

she told me i should quit my job. im unemployed, are you suggesting suicide? next card, told me i’m on the right path but i need to use the phone more, open up more to people who i normally wouldn’t.

im really not sure about it…like so many things that were creepy but there can be so many other explanations. like so much of it is “i’ll believe her cuz i believe she can tell the truth” but when you just sit there and say “okay sup” and she startsl

im just glad she didn’t say i should watch out for someone shooting me. I’d pay her $5-10 a week to say “no one is going to shoot you, it’s okay”.

fucking memphis

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