My life of lies has paid off and the new landlord wants us to sign a lease friday. I will soon be free of this terrible mistake. My CRX is at the shop, should be done this week. Finally the fuckups of 2005 will be washed away in the joy of 2006.

This is like the 10th move i’ve made in my lifetime. It’s starting to get old. I gotta call timewarner, gotta call movers, gotta call MLGW, gotta start packing, gotta redirect mail, gotta change addresses in bank, credit cards and every one of the hundreds of services i depend on.

Fuck i hate moving.

Just a lot of phone calls, a lot of cramming shit into boxes, nothing i haven’t done a million times before….just gotta keep saying it over and over.

It snowed today in Memphis. Christy and i walked to the store in the cold angry weather. At least now i have beer and the dog got to go for a walk.

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