Carib, Grenadian for Beer!

Tired of that same old domestic brew, even though it’s cheap?  Well, these guys aren’t!  Centered in the heart of Grenada, West Indies(or is it the Southern most point, stupid alcohol), Carib is brewed from only the finest local products (well, finest is pretty relative here).  At only $3 EC a bottle (that’s about $1 USD for all you math majors), Carib is a smooth pilsner that has a nice, citrus-like finish.  Basically, it tastes like Corona, except good. Yes, Grenadians love their Carib.  In fact, they love it soooo much that the Grenadian government had to issue a reccomendation to people who perinnially drive under the influence, telling everyone that “If you have had too much to drink, you should slow down!”  Ahh, Grenada, home of cheap, yet good beer, and no drunk driving laws.  Cheers!