working on a sunday :(

Hmm, ya think i would have learned after i took a xanex after doing tequila shots and drinking a forty and THEN calling Annie but noooooooo, lets try taking some else’s prescription medicine one more time, just to make sure it’s not for me. Im standing at stop light going to McDonalds when the Clariton D kicks in and my hand starts twitching. Now im typing to keep it from twitching but im typing really fast and not really making any complete sentences. Period, there, yah ahahahaha.

Oh well, record number of articles converted at work and im updating my page, maybe i should start taking this stuff daily. No wait, see, damn it, aslkdjfldf. Hehehe, this morning i went to Pasadena county jail to bail out a friend of mine.

I’ve been talking to this girl online lately named Natalie. My attempts to seduce seem to fail everytime but shes talking to her mom about me so thats either a good sign or a bad sign. Good sign, she thinks im cool. Bad sign, talking to her mom about a restraining order.

I’m really strange. I have problems. Drugs arn’t the answer but they seem to be a good question. But beer, beer is the answer. But by itself.

mp3 of the day: Sublime – Right Back.mp3

NatTheSex: my mom call’s you “chicken”, she can’t remember “toad”!!

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