Welp, i sobered up enough to write a little update for you people that are still with me in this downward spiral of boredom and insanity. We get home from work, watch a movie, have a drink, then we just stare at the TV even after the TV is off. That goes on for about 15 minutes before one of us screams and gets up and starts pacing, then sits back down and stares some more. We only have 2 weeks left but 2 weeks is a long time. Oh well, we’re fighters, we don’t need things to keep us unbored to keep our sanity….

I’ve decided today that i am going to start a new phase in my life clothing wise. Lets take a step back for a second and examine my clothing time line. In the beginning it was Doc martins, cut off camo shorts and black t-shirts. Those were the days, Opiate in the CD player and dressed to milita standards. Then i moved on to ugly pants and ugly shirts from the 70’s. This got me through my drinking and skating stage of Memphis quite well. I loved paying $3.00 for a shirt. Now i think i’m gonna try to to find a bunch of cheap black suits. Like i wouldn’t mind paying $50 for a entire suit, that would be pretty leet. Now i’m a big advocate for spending as little money on clothes as possible but i think a wardrobe consisting of comfortable black suits with a little thin black tie would be pretty cool. It’ll be a intresting decision in my head, get rid of my own personal belief of cheap clothes for a cool new style. Hmmm..

I’d like to make a plea to Winamp for my co-workers. I listen to alot of really extremly homosexual music at work. You can scroll down to the older news for a early version of the playlist. Anyway, when you’re listening to gay music day in and day out, you start to get sick of the order they come in. Men Without Hats and then Madonna everyday gets old. Haha. So i hit shuffle. Thinking that the verb shuffle means to “make random”. It doesn’t tho, it plays the same songs over and over. So after the 3rd time it starts playing Tom Jones’s Kiss, people get pissed. Then it will behave for a few days, then it starts playing the same like 10 songs back to back.

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