Sek's View On Facial Tattoos

While ordering, I notice a rather raggedy looking individual badgering the poor asian fellow behind the counter. “Two large ice tea's now, and one when I leave” he yelled at the man. He finished up with, “I'll pay for the third now, and come find your ass when im ready to go”. I thought to myself, how rude. This poor asian guy comes to this country to try to make a better life for himself and, WOAH, GOD DAMN!!!! The asshole at the counter has turned around and I see his face is covered in bad home grown tattoo's!

WTF!?!? Don't get me wrong, I like tattoo's, hell I even have some myself, but not on my fucking face. Im thinking to myself that this guy is either A. a hard core mother fucker, B. less than average on the table of mental stability, or C. a waste of my precious breathing air. I decide to myslef that it is probably a good mix of all of three. Amazingly enough after finishing lunch, going about the rest of my day, chilling out at home with my kids, I cant get this fucking retard off my mind.

FACIAL TATTOO's, WTF is that all about?!? I can't decide if it pisses me off or if im just getting old. One thing I do realize is that no matter how bad my life may be, ie. working at Stream or if I end up sucking cock for dollars in the gutters of Memphis, I will never have a tattoo on my face. Damn! There are some wak ho's in this world.

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