bye ian@#$@

posted from bed…with a dead horse rotting in my stomach, i recall the events of last night’s party. We got there early then after Ian showed up it got uber crunk fast. Everytime i looked over and saw Ian and Sara they were shooting a red or brown colored alcohol. Nothing really crazy happened, just the usual Neils drinking….i remember arm wrestling with Nate and almost winning. Arm wrestling sucks cuz if their arm is longer then yours you’re basically screwed. I’ve had a long history of picking fights with Nate and last night i almost had him convinced to meet me outside and have a street fight on Madison.

haha the best part about last night was when this cute girl came up to me and after we were introduced by my friend she said “oh, so you’re toad!”. I was afraid i was about to find out that i was a father or something. We ended up talking most of the night and i think i gave her my number. Most of the night was a blur of whiskey shots and arm wrestling anyway.

ian departs on his cross country journal 4.0 tommorow destined for the golden city of Las Angeles. He tried to talk me into driving out there with him and flying back but i’m not really into roadtrips anymore, for the obvious reasons…ugh, anyway, time to go try to hydrate my poor broken body and try to work..

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