All throughout our lives we are owned. Being owned, meaning that you have been defeated in a battle against life, happens to us all everyday. Millions of times, we’re all owned over and over. For example, getting a phone call 3 hours before your flight telling you that it’s been cancelled.. A really really nice old Indian lady told me, really really slowly, that there were several severe mechanical problems and that the flight had been moved to….*drum roll*….5:15am! 5:fucking15am This is so gay, i’m sitting here completely dressed and ready to go away for 4 days and then i’m just here chilling. You don’t really plan anything for your day when you were expecting to be leaving the city……

I ain’t no bitch tho, i’m not going out like that. I’m just gonna sit there and smile while Delta treats me like i’m prison. No way will i let him crawl all over me, pull off his bandanna and stuff it in my mouth and just let him own me. I refuse to be owned without a fight. Tommorow morning toad will walk into the airport dressed in a suit and tie and say “Do you have any idea how important this meeting was? Have you ever heard of a little company called Microsoft? Well because of your goddamn plane being owned, i couldn’t make my meeting. My boss is going to own me because of this. I want free tickets for next month.”

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