I know the dishes fit…..

I dunno how many people can relate to this but i have a tough time keeping my kitchen clean. Between the dog, my drinking habits and my guests, my apartment gets trashed on a regular basis. I’m male and this really isn’t a big deal to anyone i’ve ever dated and it means even less to me except that it’s a section of my life lacking discipline that i could focus on very easily.

As you can see below, Marla has begun to understand that she should only puke in the kitchen. (The puke is the dark green stuff above the rug)


Anyway, I have a advantage above other men in the kitchen area tho. Like many other people I have a great little machine called a dishwasher. This amazing device owns my dirty dishes for me without any lip.

Only problem is i’m lazy.

I leave glasses laying out for weeks sometimes. Weird mold grows in the bottom of them and after the mess goes to a certain point the “fuck it” stage begins. Then in one full swoop, i put on Lateralus and go to work on. I disinfect, sweep, mop, and clean like my life depended on it. Then the clock starts over. Your apartment is clean, if you keep up with it, it’ll stay clean.

I noticed one night at my parent’s house that they put the dishes directly into the dishwasher everytime they use them. So that way they never build up in the sink like mine do. I decided to try this weird little game plan.


Only problem it’s still too much effort for me to put forth. It’s easier to dump the dishes into the sink. This is a fact i have to contend with. However, putting my l33t skillz to work i devised a plan. If i leave the dishwasher open it’s actually more difficult to step over the open dishwasher to put it in the sink then put it directly in the dishwasher.


Any other single males with a dishwasher, please give this a try and tell me if it helps.

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