mmmm massage

After a amazing 2 hour massage, i can barely talk, see or type so im gonna try to finish this update without passing out in my chair.

Everyone should have a massage therapist girlfriend.

The Swedish part was relaxing as usual with the Oriental music playing, the candles lit and the dim lights. Then came the deep tissue. She should have turned off the Oriental music and put on Aenima. My back is a playground of knots and sore muscles from the years of computer use and they really hurt when they come undone.

But for now im going to go lay down in her soft bed and curl up with the blanket, going to bed at the early hour of 2am.

For those of you who give a shit, i come back in 5 days…back to my smelly apartment full of empty beer bottles, back to all the websites that need finishing, back to real life.

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