Sam Cooper’s Finished!@#$@#

But it’s okay, i don’t miss it. Nope, not me. I’ve been watching a lot of movies on the computer…actually, all of the movies on my computer…..Wes brought over another season of X Files for me to ingest and i’m staying busy. For example, i ate a cupcake last night.


But it’s not the lack of those beautiful precious packets coming into my apartment that’s the source of this update. Sam Cooper is finally done. This construction diaster has been under development longer then i’ve been driving. Or probably breathing. After numerous pickets of ghetto people, upset that a 6 lane interstate will now be their front yard. As i was speeding by at 80mph instead of the normal 30 that we were restricted to on Broad, i see a yellow Lab cowering on a porch, scared shitless by the metal monsters that are screaming down the street where his front yard used to be.


Fuck um.

The new Sam Cooper has 2 lights instead of the normal 4….no railroad tracks to cross…no threat of being car jacked at Tillman and Broad… more ghetto….just beautiful blacktop with few places for police to hide. It’s like a dream.

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