Pretty Hate Machine Explained

I know I'm gonna get a lot of flack about that last line but its the truth, women just can't understand this album. Its kinda of like how white people can only listen to Jimi Hendrix, they can't “hear” Hendrix. You remember White Men Can't Jump, right?

Anyway, okay, most people think this cd is just a normal cd, always sounds the same, just another disc in the case. Lies, lies, lies. This cd has 2 interesting points to it, i shall cover both of these in this article. First, a little history about PHM. This is the first Nine Inch Nail album, done solely by Trent Reznor while he was working as a engineer at The Right Track. At night after they closed he would record his own music by himself and this was the beginning. He received help from Adrian Sherwood, John Fryer, Keith LeBlanc and Flood producing the final album but he is still the primary person behind the masterpiece. You may want to hunt around the Internet for The Purest Feeling tracks, these are the beta versions of PHM, very 80's popish, very fun to listen to, hehe.

Anyway…getting on with it, first point. Although Pretty Hate Machine is a great cd, better then any crap that has came out or probably ever will come out, there is a startling difference between PHM and everything else that i have ever came across. Pretty Hate Machine sounds completely different while drunk. Yup, it does, call me crazy but others have agreed with me on it. Don't believe me? Go home, get some headphones, a copy of Pretty Hate Machine, a gallon of rum and start in on it. Now, see you have to be careful and make sure you have a good buzz before you start listening to it or it won't work, you'll get to end of the cd and still want more. Each beat, each lyric, go deeper while drinking, as far as i have noticed this feat has not been reproduced in any other albums. I've been pondering why this cd has this certain effect, some people have commented that it was built into the cd on purpose, others think it was just a random great thing. During my many trips to New Orleans have still not seen Trent Reznor but let it be known i will ask him about this phenomenon and get to the bottom of this.

The second part, and i know Jesse agrees with me, is that women are unable to hear Pretty Hate Machine. Yup, I'm sorry, you can love the beats, you can even love the lyrics, but you just don't know what the hell he is talking about. You may think you do, but you have no clue. Its okay, i commend you for being a NIN fan but just take my word for it. The funny thing about this whole thing is I had a ex girlfriend steal my copyright 1989 Pretty Hate Machine cd and i never could get it back. Now how's that for rough, getting over a girl without PHM, anyway, getting off the point, sorry. Once a friend brought up the point, since this cd revolves a lot on getting over women and falling back in love with them, could a lesbian hear PHM? I replied, no. Since, being a lesbian she knows the trials and tribulations which follow from women but she could not fully understand it because lesbians only date lesbians, which differ drastically from normal women. Now looking at the situation again from another angle, can women appreciate PHM more while drinking? I answer yes. Whatever magical properties this cd has, i truly believe women can benefit greatly from listening to this cd while drinking but cannot fully understand his torment.

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