I am going to be the white Will Smith.

After that, i gotta jump into the movies. I’m gonna follow Will’s style and just take some small parts before i get my first break. Just like Will did with Bad Boys with Martin Lawrence. Thats the movie where i’ll help out on the soundtrack. Then from that comes the music video. Then i will be, the white, Will Smith.


Then Will and I will do our first movie. I’m gonna convince him to do a sequel of Wild Wild West with me. I can be the villian, it’s okay, i’m willing to lose to the king. I have this great idea for a scene too. When James West(Will Smith) finds a time machine and comes to the year 2002 to fight crime. He’ll sneak into my huge warehouse of weed that i’m importing into America. But right before we fight we’ll break into song with some catch bass beats blaring in the background while we fight and rap that unique brand of Will Smith Rap.


I can picture it so clearly. James West in his cowboy boots shooting at me while i dodge the bullets ala Matrix style. He’ll finally trap me in a magical little cube and fire me into space, where i’ll return again. The sequel.

So thats basically what i’ve decided to do with my life.

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