i didn’t walk home tonight

The hroe camera and all it’s goodness pictureness is in wes’s bravadaoa in neils parking lot. It was we’s 21st birthday. It brougbt back a lot of mem0ries cuz it’s a diferent life af ter 21. Cuz like yeah.

I drank a lot of beer, stumbled around asking for a ride home and found one. This update is a total precum of a update before the update tommorow. Cuz tommorow i’m gonna roll up with 30 ass showing pics from last night and all you bitch ass readers will be freaking. Yeah.

Befiore i forget, i gotta give a shout out to my notre dam hores up north. I saw Ricky tonight at the bar(picture in wes’s car). I felt kinda bad cuz he looked at me and was like “dude you remember me right?” and i look at him and say “hi, no i don’t sell weed”. Turns out he went to school with me. The people you run into while running around in a bathrobe at a bar.

On a side note, i’d like to just say how weird the past 6 months have been. Only since im gonna move out of this apartment. It’s kinda started.

I look at apartments as measurements of time. “I really when me and ___ lived in ____ and we smoked a lot of _____ and we had sex with ____ all the time.”

Those are measurements of time, not years, not months, it’s ‘those times’ that really measure life. It’s been weird tho. Just when i was wanting shit to get fucked up it really has. It’s really times like this that make me feel good about being myself. That i can get fucked up and write forever in my stupid little website and at least make one person snicker.


Thats all i want 🙁

Wow it’s reall fucking late. The last 2 paragraphs had nothing to do with the introductory paragraph. If you read all the bullshit before then you’re just shaking your head saying “why did i click on that link before, this website is pretty fucking lame”.

I do it too.

🙁 hehe

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