Technology @ Work

Technology at work:
Toad putting in a tracking number at to see that his camera battery is OUT FOR DELIVERY. He instantly turns down the Tori, gets up to see if the UPS man left him a note on the door. From past experiences he learned he cannot hear anyone knock on the door with music playing, so he then props the front door open.

Technology not at work:
Toad receiving a email last night while drunk that said his noon meeting was cancelled. Then going out and getting plastered and thinking his 10:30am meeting is for noon so he can sleep in.

I can’t decide if the best part was when i woke up and instantly knew i fucked up or when my dad called a few minutes later to ask me how the meeting went. The joys of working with family….

For those wondering, yesterday was down, along with every website i’ve ever made. It came back to life sometime last night. Mad props to Darrel and his skillz for getting PHP to come to life.

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