This credit company is really pissed about me not paying Bellsouth 7 fucking dollars. God, life is too short to worry about 7 fucking dollars. Faggots. It rules cuz i cancelled my phone so the creditors can't call me to ask me for money. Somehow they finally got my cellphone and i just said “i already paid it, go fuck yourself” and hungup.

I also get a lot of hate email too. This is the best. Cuz thats what the internet is for. Hatemail and porn. Check out this masterpiece, of course, without a name, because that would be giving away waaaaaaaaaayy too much.

Hrm… sometimes for torture, I read your site. No, that's not a joke. I seriously hate you.

This is most likely a girl i had sex with and then stopped talking to. Or it's Annie. But Annie likes to stalk me in a more up front manner, by using different aim names to try to get me to talk to her.

I'm just begging you guys, please, sign your name. Would make it so much better.

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