Starting to get hate mail again…

Like a lot of sweat Midtowners, i went to the cooper young festival today. I didn’t bring my camera, and since i wasn’t really drinking, nothing really happened. Just scores and scores of beautiful and pierced women.

We were walking out of the Java Cabana and i told micaela that i wanted to fuck every girl in a 5 mile radius. Except her, cuz she’s not 18. And that would be wrong.

But gawwwwd, just everywhere you looked there were hot girls. I felt dizzy. Watching a girl chow down on a corn dog covered in mustard is probably the most erotic thing i’ve ever seen. I need to search Morpheous for “corndog girl” and see if anything comes up.

Walking around with Micaela in Midtown is always intresting. Every 15 minutes she runs into someone else she knows. Great part is everytime i’m introduced their like “ohhh you’re toad! haha i’ve heard a lot about you”

This makes me uncomfortable.

Of course no one can remember exactly what they heard about me. So their either hearing “Yeah, drug addicted pedophile” or “You gotta meet my cute friend toad”. Probably not the later..

Tonight Angie is dragging my anti-social ass to the hitone to see a band called Southern Bitch. May need to bring the camera.

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