Baton Rouge

Well, we stop at some bumfuck town in Mississippi and we go to a Exxon that has a subway in it. Then everyone decides they want to go to Wendy's.

Fine, i order my sub, sit down, stare my reflect in the window, eat my tasty BMT and go gas up the car. Then i notice a little package store near by. Helloooo, hehe. I walk in, buy a tiny bottle of jack daniels, pour it into my subway cup and pull up to Wendys. Wes opens the door, says “hey, we're gonna get some whiskey from that package store” then slams the door. I laugh hysterically.

They get their whiskey, i, already have my whiskey and off we go. We put in Homogenic and by the time we get to Jackson i'm really buzzed. We keep driving, i don't even remember what music we're listening to but we get to Baton Rouge during rush hour and i'm screaming out my window, still buzzed from my whiskey drunk, yelling at motorists to get the fuck out of my way.

We get to Swede's.

We drink for 2 days straight. The first night Wes and I plow through a bottle of whiskey, it gets blurry and i end up asleep on a couch.

We wake up, decide not to drive to NewOrleans, go to a resturant in baton rouge, half the table orders bloody mary's and we eat. We stop at a gas station, everyone buys beer, except for toad who gets 2 bottles of wine, we go back to swede's, i eat the rest of my steak, finish off the 2 bottles of wine.

We wake up the next morning, hungover as hell and i drive them all to jack in the box. There some young couple, him in a tie, her in a dress, are having their post Church meal. We stumble in, toad wearing the same clothes from saturday, everyone else looking as cracked out as him. We order our food, eat at swede's and leave.

I need to stop drinking soon

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