halfway through the bottle…mmmm…meeting at 9am with fathertoad….must not drink anymoreee

went from pretty hate machine to tori….nice transition….gonna move to pink floyd after this…

gawd how many nights has this scenario been played out…..toad gets drunk by himself, in the dark, after saying to himself that he doesn’t want to drink. then after the 2nd glass, annie msgs toad, of course under a different screenname, toad blocks her, puts on more music and drinks more….

today i was thinking about just how boring life really is….people stumble day after day though their work days, go home and go to bed……then there are those of us who get drunk/high after work….while that adds it’s own excitement, it still gets boring just like sober life….

i guess i’m just sick of the work, make money, spend money, work, spend money, drink, work, spend money shit. like that’s all we have to look forward to. we occasionally get to take a trip out of our lifestyle but then come right back to the rat race…

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